Lindy Stiebel

Lindy Stiebel

Research interests:

  • Writers, identity and place, spatial theory and discourse generally
  • Colonial cartography
  • The works of nineteenth century writer Rider Haggard and artist-explorer Thomas Baines
  • Literary tourism particularly as evidenced in the KZN Literary Tourism project
  • The works of Lewis Nkosi
  • Work by South African Indian writers and the circulation of texts in the Indian Ocean region

Teaching areas:

  • South African literature (in 2012 Schreiner, Plaatje, Paton, Nkosi and Drum writers, Mpe, Mda, Douglas Livingstone)
  • African literature (in 2012 Achebe)
  • Literary tourism in KZN
  • Nineteenth century writing (in 2012 Bronte, Dickens)



Selected chapters in books:

  • 1987 (with Beall J, Friedman M, Hassim S, Posel R and A Todes) “African Women in the Durban Struggle 1985-1986: towards a transformation of roles”. In: South African Review 4 (eds) Moss G and I. Obery. Johannesburg: Ravan Press: 92-103.
  • 2002 “Black ‘Tecs: popular thrillers by South African black writers in the Nineties” in Readings in African Popular Fiction (ed) Stephanie Newell. London: James Currey:187-192.
  • 2005, 2006. “The Return of the Native: Lewis Nkosi’s Mating Birds (1986) revisited in post-apartheid Durban”. In: Still Beating the Drum: critical perspectives on Lewis Nkosi. Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi (2005); Johannesburg: Wits University Press (2006):166-182.
  • 2007 “Mapping Fictional Conquests: the role of fictive maps in adventure novels and romances of the colonial era” (with Norman Etherington). In: Mapping Colonial Conquest: Australia and Southern Africa (ed) Norman Etherington. Perth: University of Western Australia Press: 41-65. 
  • 2007 “Undoing Conquest: the South African Millennium Project (PMP)”. In: Mapping Colonial Conquest: Australia and Southern Africa (ed) Norman Etherington. Perth: University of Western Australia Press: 178-188.
  • 2009 “On the trail of Rider Haggard in South Africa”. In (ed.) Nicola Watson, Literary Tourism and Nineteenth Century Culture. London: Palgrave: 210-219. 
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  • 2012 “Cooeeing to the natives: Thomas Baines on the North Australian Expedition (1855-57)”. In (eds.) Jane Carruthers and Lindy Stiebel Thomas Baines in Australia. Canberra: National Museum of Australia Press: 50-69.

Selected Journal articles:

  • 1993 “Treating Trash Seriously: Teaching Popular Fiction in South Africa”. Perspectives in Education 14(1):47-55.
  • 1996 (with M. Sienaert) “Writing on the Earth European Travelers to South Africa”. Literator 17(1):91-101.
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  • 2003 (with Colleen Goldsworthy) “A Suitable Match: marrying technology to the past in the Thomas Baines and the ‘Great Map’ CD-ROM project” Cartography 32(2):53-61. 
  • 2004 “Hitting the hotspots: literary tourism as a research field, and in particular the case of KwaZulu-Natal”. Critical Arts 18(2):31-44. 
  • 2004 “Putting Africa [back] on the map: the South African Parliamentary Millennium Project”. Transformation 56: 53-67.
  • 2007 “Going on (literary) pilgrimage: constructing literary trails with particular reference to KwaZulu-Natal”. Scrutiny2 12(1): 93-106.
  • 2010 “Editorial Essay: research agendas for the Indian Ocean Region”. Journal of the Indian Ocean Region 6 (1) (with Christian Bouchard, Sanjay Chaturvedi, Timothy Doyle, Vivian Louis Forbes, Tetsuo Kotani, PV Rao, Dennis Rumley and Clive Schofield): 1-25.
  • 2010 “Last Stop Little Gujarat – tracking South African Indian writers on the Grey Street trail in Durban”. Current Writing 22 (1): 1-20.
  • 2011 “Crossing the kala pani: cause for ‘celebration’ or ‘commemoration’ 150 years on? Portrayals of Indenture in recent South African Indian writing”. Journal of Literary Studies 27(2): 77-90.

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