Priya Narismulu

Priya Narismulu

Research Interests:

  • Writing that addresses the apartheid landscape: the politics of home and dislocation,
  • Anti-apartheid resistance literature,
  • The genres of oral literature, poetry, and the short story,
  • The medium of English: questions of power and representation.


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In press (forthcoming publications):

1. ‘”Patience has its limits”: history and progress in the lives of South African women shack dwellers.’ Writing, Gender, Race and Diaspora  Ed. Obioma Nnaemeka, Greenwood.

2. ‘”On the road again”: women, resistance & reconstruction in Zimbabwe and South Africa’.Transnational Transgressions:African Women, Struggle and Transformation in Global Perspective. Eds B Kuumba and M White. Africa World Press.

3. ‘Changing the subject of resistance: South African women’s voices in poetry and testimony’. Women’s Studies.

4. ‘Retrieved root nimble as a dream’: the impact of history and context on resistance literature. AUETSA/SACLALS/SAVAL Conference.

5. Constructions of home in the literature of resistance against apartheid. AUETSA.


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